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Irelands Basketball Association

Basketball is life for many people in Ireland. Irish are very much into basketball. It is with no doubt that basketball is really the most popular ball game in the whole world. It can be asserted that basketball is being loved by most people in the whole world.

Ireland’s representative for the International Men’s basketball tournament is the Irish Basketball Team. It was organized and built by the Ireland’s Basketball Federation. The team is comprised of Irish men basketball players from both the Northern and The Republic of Ireland. Home Basketball Matches in Ireland are being played in Tallaght, Dublin at the National Basketball Arena.

Ireland’s basketball association has been affiliated to Federation of international Basketball Association in the year 1947. And in the year 1948 the team has been invited to join in the 1948 Olympics competition that was held in London during those years, many competitors from different countries around the world are not participating because of the after effect of the World War II. But even if that was the case, Ireland has never won any match, which is why they landed on the last slot in the basketball event in the 1948 Olympics.

Same thing had happened in the 1976 Olympics, whereas Ireland basketball team was only involved once in the qualifying rounds. They again had landed at the bottom which is very devastating for the Irish basketball team.

Although Irish people love Basketball as their topmost favorite sport, Ireland has never been qualified yet for the final stages of the EuroBasket or in the FIBA World Championship. This seems to be a hard fact for the Irish, but even though they have never been a part of any finals in the said competitions, the Irish are still giving their one hundred percent in any game that they will have.

In the year 1988, the Ireland’s national basketball team only became a runner up in the EuroBasket Division C. In the year 1993, the National Basketball Arena has opened and this became the team’s new match ground. Ireland basketball association claims that they are doing their very best in training their players as to the best thing that they can be. Even their players are having very high aspirations as the popularity of this sport is going up.

The team admits that they are still having hard time in catching up with the best teams who qualifies in the international basketball tournaments. And they are all dreaming for that one special day to happen in the history of Ireland, to finally win or even just land in the topmost part of the rosters of the best basketball teams in any international competition.

Last year in the month of February, Ireland faced a very serious economic decline. Because of this, they have decided and formally announced to the public that they are deactivating senior International squads which results to have cost cutting in the budget for their representatives in the Basketball tournaments. This was a not a good news for all people who believes in the spirit of these basketball players. Well, it is for us to see what is next for the Irish Basketball.


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