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How to become a Dennis Rodman

Want to win the heart of your coach and your teammates? Then learn to be the next Dennis Rodman and be a rebound machine. Being a strong rebounder can make you a much more valuable asset to the team and your coach.

This skill is important on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court. A strong rebounder on your team can lead to a big advantage over your opponent. Games can be and are controlled by having a rebound advantage. Example – more shots on the offensive end and less shots by your opponents on the defensive end – this usually ends up as big “W” your win column and a big “L” in their loss column.

Attitude and desire makes good rebounders. A case in point is Dennis Rodman. His attitude and desire was higher than any player before him or after him, when it came to rebounding. His talent level as an overall player may not have put him on the level of other superstars, but his rebounding prowess and dominance set him apart from the rest.


Below the rim


Over 90% of the rebounds are taken below the rim so the height of a player is not always the determining factor of getting those boards. Attitude and desire to get them is one of the keys. Knowing how to box out, get position against your opponent and to have the desire to go after each and every board like it was the last one.


Shots are passes


Usually at least half of all the shots taken are missed, therefore rebounds are available at least half or more of the time. In a rebounders mind, all shots will be missed, therefore all shots are passes. The key is to put this thought into practice and be ready for each and every rebound as it comes off the glass.


The ball is yours


You need to want and need the ball more than any other player. Taking pride in being the best rebounder and knowing how to box out and get into the best position for the rebound is so important. Like mentioned before, size is not the most important factor, but positioning and boxing out is. Think that every shot is a pass and is to you, the ball is yours to get.


The balls flight


Positioning has been mentioned before, but how do you determine what is the best position. Follow the balls flight. Usually if the ball is shot from the left side of the court, the rebound will come to the right side and vice versa. So it is important that you see the ball when it is shot and anticipate that the rebound will come to the opposite side that it was shot from and get to that spot quicker than your opponent.

Remember the rebound is not yours until you have closed your two hands around it and have it in your possession. Positioning, attitude and desire = REBOUNDER.


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