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How to Dunk

First, you need to make sure stretch out and warm up your muscles.

You don’t hurt yourself by pulling, straining or tearing a muscle before you even take the court to play. Always, whether it is for practice, a shoot around, a pickup game or just you alone with the ball, stretch out, warm up and then go. If you can get access to an adjustable height basket then make than use it.

This will get you used to the process of dunking and slamming the ball through the rim. You can then little by little increase the height of the rim. Using an adjustable rim as far as height is concerned is not the most important aspect of learning how to dunk, it just make it easier.

Concentrate and make sure you are 100% focused on the process and techniques to dunk. Don’t only think about jumping as high as you can. Maintain you focus and see yourself dunking the ball, from the time you rise up and off the floor to when you slam the ball through the net.

This technique is used by professionals and you should use it as well. They visualize themselves dunking the ball the same way as they visualize a free throw swishing through the net.

Increase your vertical jump. You can do this with many different types of training techniques. One good one is to rest you toes on a two by four and rise up with the rest of your body and then lower yourself. Do this in repetitions of ten, four or five times and this will strengthen your calf muscles. Done correctly you should see great improvements.

Another exercise is to jump and then as you hit the ground your muscles relax very briefly before you then explode into another all out jump. These explosive movements help build your muscular power. Make sure you are careful when doing these exercises as they are very straining and exhaustive.

Practice on the court and practice jumping and reaching up and touching the net. Another key is to handle the ball enough while jumping so you are familiar and comfortable with the ball while jumping. If you are not familiar with the ball you may lose control of the ball as you put all the force into the jump. If you do not control the ball as you jump then it doesn’t matter how athletic you are or how well you can jump.

Pick up some good sneakers that are most comfortable for you. The important thing is that they are a quality shoe and that you can feel comfortable putting a great deal of pressure on them each and every move you make on the court. Work, work work. Things do not just happen overnight. Work at your jumping skills. Work on following through as you glide through the air to dunk. Work on hand strength, so that when you are up trying to dunk, no one can take the ball away from you or knock it out of your hand.

Just remember to rise to the occasion and follow through, the rim will not break unless of course you happen to be Darrell Dawkins!!!!!


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