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History of Basketball and how It Started in Portugal

The discoverer or the inventor as we speak, Dr. James Naismith have left true stories of both failures and triumphs about his invention of this very popular Sports Game named Basketball.

Basketball, as we all know, is one of the most loved games nowadays, did not start as easy as ABC.

Everything has to be polished and everyone who made a great move in the making of the ball game had passed through many obstacles before it was known by a lot of people. Dr. Naismith was the top most personality who did the greatest contribution in this game.

Naismith is a Canadian Instructor who was given birth at Almonte, Ontario, Canada on November 16, 1861. He played Rugby game for about eight years while he was studying in Montreal’s Presbyterian College.

He soon removed himself from the Rugby team as he committed to become an instructor in the International YMCA or Young Men’s Christian Association where he was the training instructor. YMCA was located at that time in Springfield Massachusetts, a known place with cold winters. People and the YMCA members have always wanted to have a game that can be played indoors while the weather is being unpleasant to playing outside.

As it was requested by many influential people, Naismith soon tried to figure out things on how he could create a great game which can be played inside or outside a vent hall. His ideas were from his childhood years when he was still playing with his playmates about the 2 rocks that should be shot on the other to win a match. His ideas were wider as he thought of using a soccer ball rather than 2 rocks which can cause a great injury to the players. He also made used of two baskets on the opposite sides of the venue to make it more challenging and make the scoring better. As they tried to play the game, they were able to enjoy it, and soon it was surfaced and became your favorite sports nowadays, Basketball.

You might be thinking now, how did Portugal got this sport run in the bloods of Portuguese? Same is true or the people of Portugal. Portuguese was never interested to the Basketball game before and after it was made. They were first in loved with the game soccer. Soccer was their greatest game of all ties if you country to flashback the years before.

Now, because of the fast popularity of the game Basketball Portugal had already conducted many basketball leagues leading to creation of a lot of Basketball teams too. Portugal’s top league for the men’s category is the Liga Portugesa de Basquestebol which when translated in the English language is: Portuguese Basketball League.

It was very famous because there a lot of teams that are always competing in the battle field. The LPdB was organized last 2 years ago by the Federação Portuguesa de Basquetebol this is because league was already in the semi-professional level.


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