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History Of Argentina Basketball

The history of basketball started in the year 1892 as the father of Basketball, Dr. James Naismith came up with a breakthrough ball which can be played both in the indoors and outdoors.

The basketball game quickly became popular as it was then played by two teams the Geneva College and the New Brighton YMCA. In the year 1914, the ball has eventually risen up to fame as it was then considered Basketball and was already built by governing rules.

In Argentina, Argentine basketball players had gone through various hardships before they have finally been known as one of the best ball gamers in the Basketball history.

An apparent proof of this hardship is that they have endured a lot of sacrifice while making this sport a widespread in the Argentina. A lot of argentines were not supportive at that time that is why; their delegates for the 1950th FIBA World championship were all amateurs. Gladly, their sacrifices bore a very positive result, whereas they won the Championship match.

But there were still a lot of problems, that even though they have already won the championships awards, people of Argentina are still not accommodating basketball as one of their biggest sports.

The reason is that during those times, Football is the sport that they mostly love. They have loved football even before the Basketball came in the sports industry. Football was even a part of their day to day living so it was really very hard for the Argentina’s Basketball Association to introduce the Ball game.

But, the federation did not gave up and hopes started to rise up higher as their delegation had once again made a great cliché in battling with other countries worldwide. Because of the following victories, Argentines saw a great deal in involving themselves in Basketball as it also started to give a lot of honours for their country.

Smiles, was started to be seen in the face of people behind the basketball federations in Argentina as people are already getting track with the culture of basketball.

The popularity of Argentina basketball also become notable as it was seen as being played by youth even during their leisure time. Even women are also participating in the Argentina Basketball Women’s team.

As far as Argentina’s Women Basketball team is concerned, they were also trying their best in the World Championships as they ranked as 9th placer in the FIBA World Championship for Women in 2006. The Argentina men’s representative for Olympics in year 2004 has also won the gold Medal.

The LNB or the Liga Nacional de Basquet (formed in 1984), is the Major National Basketball League in Argentina. It is being structured by the Argentina Basketball Clubs Association. But before the LNB was shaped, The Campeonato Argentino de Clubes was the top echelon basketball league in Argentina which was administered by the Argentine Basketball Federation.

The League is composed of 16 teams which match to win the overall championship round. All these teams’ players can possibly be appointed to play for the International Basketball Championships whenever their potential will be seen. Among all the teams is the Atenas, which has already recorded Remarkable 9 championships and also numerous runner-ups in the league.


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