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Hilton Armstrong Biography

Hilton A. Armstrong, Jr. is an American professional basketball player. He was born on November 23, 1984 in Peekskill in New York located in United States.

Hilton is a very famous professional player in National Basketball Association. Hilton is a player with great abilities in basketball. He is a player who was born with baseball. Since his childhood Hilton is playing basketball. He plays at center or power forward position with a weight of 107 kilo grams and height of about six feet and eleven inches.

He was a good player of basketball in his young age. In his school he was a very popular player of basketball. He has played his school basketball in Peekskill High School in Peekskill. He was famous in his school because he played many games in his school and in most of the games he played in his school his team won.


He was a brilliant performer in his field. Hilton completed his Graduation from Peekskill and than he joined a college for advance study and t o gets more opportunities in his favorite fled of sports, basketball.

He was selected in men’s basketball team of his university. He was a star of basketball in his college. His reputation was very strong in his school. He played his college basketball in Connecticut University. In start of his university career he was not so good in basketball but he improved his basketball and later in his senior year he was a very impressive player of basketball in his college.

Hilton started his professional career in 2006. He started his professional career when he was selected by New Orleans Hornets in first round of 2006 NBA draft. During his professional career he has played for some other teams in NBA. Currently he is playing in NBA with Atlanta Hawks since 2011.


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