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Hilton Armstrong Bio

A child who born to play the game of basket ball, Hilton Armstrong born on Nov 23 1984 and grows on to became a star player.

His skills and passion for the basketball never let him go any where away from the game.

He kept on moving up in the world of basketball right from his childhood, schooling to college until he touched the professional heights of basket ball playing. The man was so social in his stance but the court of basketball never let him go toward any other field despite his study of political sciences at college level.

His professionalism and strength let him become a professional while his enthusiasm helped him moving up in ranks. Later he married and now have a daughter named Elan Dejarae who born in 2008.

Hilton was used to play basket ball right from his school levels and from here he carried on moving on the court with more sophistication while moved to Connecticut for higher studies. Hilton started his studies at Connecticut by selecting his majors in political sciences. Although he was a better student of political sciences but he was always best on the basket ball court as a bet performer.

He never stopped to excel in the court of basketball whenever he gone to play. He never let his team down by putting best performances. Beside a best player he is a best man of his society as well. Hilton has the record of $10,000 donation to New Orleans Girls and Boys Town in order to allow 11 deprived children to purchase clothing and supplies for their school.

Hilton attended the similar high school as Philadelphia’s Elton Brand. This is all what describes Hilton as a social person but beside all this he is a best player as well.

Hilton was used to play from his childhood but the game that makes him flagrant was his game which started in 2006-07. He played at an average of 3.1 points with 2.7 rebound rate in all 56 games she played during that season (five stars). His average reached at 7.8 points with 4.0 rebounds as a starter.

The year 2007-08 was also a better one for him where he averaged at 2.7 points with 2.5 rebounds in 11.3 minutes in 65 games (three starts). He also averaged 4.8 points with 2.8 rebounds in 15.6 minutes in 70 games (29 starts). It was this season when Hilton scored season high 11 points in match VS MEM. 2008-09 was rather a best one for him where he scored his career high 17 points and tied the match in 32 minutes VS DEN. He also averaged here with 6.8 points and 3.9 rebounds in his 29 appearances as a starter.

2009-10 saw Hilton playing for New Orleans, Sacramento and Houston. His entire schedule fro this season was split between these teams. His average remained at 2.2 points and 2.5 rebounds in 33 games he played for these teams. The 210-2011 is marked with his campaign in Washington where he played like a professional for Orleans, Sacramento and Houston.


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