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Henry Akin Bio

Henry T. Akin was born on 31st July 1944. He is a retired professional basketball player of United States.

Place of his birth was Detroit. He was a tall man of about six feet and ten inch height.

And he had weight o about 225 lbs or 102 kilo grams. Henry Akins was player with born abilities. He was a very good player and very fond of basketball since his early age, during his school days he was very interested in basketball and was a good player since his school career.

During his school career he played for his school basketball team in many events and matches he made his team due to his fabulous and outstanding performance. He was willing to carry his interest and passion into a professional career. And in later life he made his dream true by his hard work and passion and also with the support provided by his parents and support provided by hi his school.

He carried his interest in college when he joined college for further education after the study of school. He joined Morehead State University for his education and for to get further chance in basketball at some high level. During his studies in University he improved his basketball and improved enough to be selected in University’s Basketball team.

After his selection in university’s Basketball team he played his best basketball for his University and made won many matches for his team and for his University. He was a brilliant player of basketball during his college career.

He was a very famous player among his college mates. His fame was opened a door for himself to play in NBA. He was selected by New York Knicks in 2nd round of 1966 NBA draft. After that he played for some other teams of NBA.

He was retired in 1969 when he was playing for Kentucky Colonels.


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