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Hassan Adams Bio

Adams, Hassan is a professional basketball player of United States. His full name is Hassan Olawale Adams.

He was born on June 20 in 1984. He is a player of Small forward with a height of six feet and four inches and weight 220 lbs or 100 kilo grams. In Westchester he started his educational career by the school named, Westchester High School. He played for his school basketball team.

He was a very good player of basketball since his early age. He started basketball in his school and made a good name in basketball in his school and was very famous player among his age students. He was captain of his school basketball team and was a very important player.

He got admission in University of Arizona. His college career was of four years from 2002 to 2006. In the start Adams played at small forward position he was number 21 during his college career.

He was a very good player during his college career, and was known as a very good small forward player in his college he was a very famous player during his college career. He played under the coaching of Lute Olson during his college career.

A great and well known coach polished his basketball techniques and made him good enough to be selected for NBA. NBA is a short form of National Basketball Association, a basketball organization which arranges basketball events and concerts in United States. He was also known as a name of responsibility and hardworking during his college career.

Adams started his professional career when he was selected by New jersey Nets in the 2006 NBA Draft. He made his way to the NBA due to his hard work and abilities. Adams played for many teams in NBA by making many matches win for his team. He is currently playing in Philippine Basketball Association for Rain Or Shine Elasto Painters.


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