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Harry J Barnes Bio

Harry j. Barnes was born in July 25, 1945. He was a famous player of basketball in America during his times and is still remembered for his high value services for the game of basketball in America.

He started his career in tough times but made it so brilliant through his dedicated work out in the court. He was a child of brilliance form his teenage who grown as a man of brilliance later in his adulthood.

He played marvelous basketball at his school as well as collegiate career. His school career was filled with young blood performances while the later the collegiate and professional career is marked with the warm blood. He was used to generate so much heat in the court with his blistering performances. He always given the tough time to the rivals with forceful and thrilling show offs.

He started his career at a high note as well. He played for Northeastern University before making mark in the professional world and one can say that it was his performance at university that paved the way toward professionalism for Barnes. He played very well at university level and due to his performance he was selected by the San Diego Rockets. The year was 1968 when he became a part of NBA Draft.

He played for the club for two years (1968-69). During this session he played 22 games for NBA. He played with an average of 2.0 PPG. His performance was really good in the court as he made it look so marvelous with some brilliant moves. His moves in the court were really amazing and audiences like him very much. Harry j. Barnes career was very short but he got fame in it. He played a total of 22 career games where he scored about 43 points at nice average and rebound rate.


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