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Greg Oden Player Profile

Greg Oden was born in the eighties with thrust to evolve as a professional player of basket ball.

He did it by playing in fantastic fashion right from his childhood. He seems to be born with the needed skills for quality game of basketball.

His agility and swiftness make him get to the higher ranks in no time. Greg was a quick learner, besides just having inborn qualities. He unleashed all of his flaws and turn away from them all by learning how to perform better. He was always ready to learn the tricks and techniques that can make him shine in the court by performing better show.

The role of his family is no doubt unprecedented in making him professional; it was ofcourse the support of his family that makes him have a go in the court. Greg belongs to a family that holds great passion for the basketball. His brother was also one of the prominent men in basket ball playing.

Greg started to rise right from his school career and he was homecoming king during his senior year at high school level. Oden was used to like mathematics the most in his school but he grew up with the desire to become a dentist and Greg Oden would have been a dentist if he should not have been selected by the NBA. If he would not have played with NBA then surely would have gone to practice dentistry.

Greg Oden was one of the leading players in his school level as well as at college level; it would be amazing to know for you that his snap was on the cover of college hoops in 2008. it was not just a miracle to happen Oden achieved that through his dedication and hard work. Oden has interests in music along with being a nice orator. Oden spoke in favor of American youth conference there in Poland and returned back to home later to complete is degree at Ohio State.

Oden started to come up from his school career as he was named Naismith prep player of the year in the 2006, Oden also has the honor for being awarded at regular basis as high school national player of the year from 1987 to onwards. He was the second in history to receive Gatorade Indianan and national player of the year on consecutive years i.e.

In 2005 and 2006. He was also declared twice as the player of the year by USA today and parade magazine. His attitude in the game makes him win the mental attitude award at Indiana in 2006. It has not yet finished Oden earned the name of Mr. Basketball by Indianapolis star in the year 2006. He was also named as Co-MVP for west in round ball classics.

Oden’s college career was also a splendid one where he was first among buckeye to earn the honor of being nominated for associated press all American first team. He also carried the action to his professional career but missed the 2007-08 NBA seasons due to fracture in his knee.


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