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Greg Ballard Bio

Greg Ballard is one of the classic American players who did a lot in the court of basket ball and will always be remembered for his quality show in the history of basketball playing in America.

This man seems to be having all the necessary tools and tricks to become a professional of high class. Greg was used to play with his family members in his childhood and from there he got the passion and grew up to join the real professionals in the history of American basketball.

The basket ball was always seems to be having unique fascination for this child. The fascination turned out to be intoxication when he started feeling the thrill in the game in his teenage. He played basketball remarkably better at his school basket ball career and his performance becomes even more super fine after his entry at Oregon College.

His college career was full of achievements and rewards that he earned by putting some splendid shows in the basket ball court.

Greg played basketball from 1977 to 1989 with enthusiasm and commitment. He started with nice average but did not contented on it and carried that to 15 plus points per game.

He played total of 802 career games where his average remained fluctuating through out his career, going up and down at different occasions. But he finished it at high note with career average of 12.4 points per game with 6.1 average rebounds per game and 2.2 assists per game.

He was always used to lead from the front and was often been among the high value players of his side. He scored 9000 plus scores approaching almost to ten thousand, the 9953 points will always remain memorable for Ballard as well as his fans.

This is what he achieved through his dedicated performance in the court. Greg Ballard played for three different entities during his career; starting with Washington for long time and then tilting toward the golden state and finishes with Seattle.


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