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Greg Anderson Bio

Greg Anderson was a professional basketball player of basketball of U.S. His full name was Gregory Wayne “Cadillac” Anderson. He was born on June 22, 1964 in Huston located in the state of Texas in United States.

He played professional basketball for NBA. He was professional player of basketball of forward position but according to the needs of the situation and requirements of the team he could also play at centre position.

He was a tall man of about six feet and ten inches height and he was weighed 104 kilo grams or 230 pounds. He was a player since his child age. He had born abilities to play basketball above average. He was a tall man and had strong body perfectly compatible for basketball mode.

He started playing organized basketball when he was selected in his school’s basketball team. He was a student of Worthing High School in Houston. He was a main player of his school’s team. He played many games and tournaments for his school and performed great during his educational career.

He was considered as best and very important player of basketball in his school’s basketball team. He earned many victories for his team and he finished his school education with a great name and reputation. His college career was started when he was selected by University of Houston.

He joined that university for his further education and for further improvements in his basketball. He was offered to play for his university’s basketball team. He accepted the offer and played for his university.

He played his best game in his university career ad gave many victories with his great performance. Greg started his professional career when he was selected by San Antonio Spurs in 1987 NBA Draft. After his start in professional basketball he has played for many other teams and in May other league in the world. His career was ended in 2000.


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