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Greece in basketball Olympics

Not all countries are fortunate to participate in international basketball competitions just like the Olympics, the EuroBasket, Mediterranean Games, FIBA World Championships.

The Olympic Games are a major international event featuring Summer and Winter sports, in which thousands of athletes represent their countries in variety of competitions such as: basketball.

The games are currently held every two years, with Summer and Winter Olympic Games alternating, although they occur every four years within their respective seasonal games. Originally, the ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece, from the 8th century BC to the 5th century AD.

The countries that participate in the Olympic Games are the following: United States of America, Lithuania, Croatia, China, Argentina, Angola, Yugoslavia, Australia, Greece, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and South Korea.

Greece is one of the 8 countries whom founded the FIBA yet in their early years they were an underdog in the international games. They had a hard time in making Greece a “Big thing” in the field of basketball. Due to their hard work they were able to make it.

In the EuroBasket 1935 Greece was to take part in the FIBA European Championship which is hed in Geneva due to financial problem s they were not able to go to Switzerland.

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Fourteen years after, Greece had made their international debut in the Eurobasket 1949 which was marked as the weakest in the history of the competition as most of the leading European basketball nations refused to travel by plane to Egypt. Greece entered the tournament as a rookie. As a freshmen they were able to make their first major success in their first appearance in the competition by winning the 3rd place.

After their first international success Greece became more visible, they were present in the 1951 tournament where they had qualified up to the semi-final round and was able to finish 8th among the eighteen nations that has participated. They had also made their first Olympic Game appearance by taking part at the basketball tournament in year 1952.

They were eliminated in the preliminary round and finished at the bottom of the classification along with other 6 teams. After that incident Greece did not enter any major tournament for the rest of the 1950s. They next appearance in the Olympic Games was in the year 1996, exactly 44 years after their first appearance in the Olympic Games.

They ended in the 5th place with a record of five wins and three losses. The next Olmypic Games happened in Greece in the year 2004. The Greece national basketball team ended in the 5th place with four wins and three losses. In their last participation in the Olympic Games, year 2008 in Beijing,China, still the Greece national basketball team eded in the 5th place with a record of three wins and three losses.

In all their games in the Olympic Games, the Greece national basketball team only had a total of 13 wins and 11 losses because the Greece national basketball team only participated in the Olympic Games for four seasons.


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