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Greece National Basketball Team Achievements

The Greece National Basketball Team is one of the many teams that are qualified to participate in different international tournaments.

Other teams are unfortunate because they are not qualified to participate in international tournaments, or their government does not have enough money to finance the players to participate in these international tournaments. There are many memorable Greece National Basketball Team achievements, and these achievements will be discussed briefly later.

The Greece National Basketball Team is the representative of Greece in international basketball tournaments, which is organized and run by the Hellenic Basketball Federation. The Greece National Basketball Team participates in many international basketball tournaments such as the Olympic Games, FIBA World Championships, EuroBasket and Mediterranean Games.

FIBA World Championships

The Greece National Basketball Team started to participate in the FIBA World Chmpionships in the year 1986. In 1986, the team ended in the 10th place, they were 6th in 1990, 4th in 1994 and in 1998, and one of the Greece national basketball team achievements is their first appearance in the basketball finals against the Spain national team, however they were defeated and ended with a silver medal, in 2010 they were in the 11th place.

Euro Basket

The team has been active in the EuroBasket since the year 1949, and in that same year, they won their first bronze medal. They participated in the next ten years in EuroBasket and did not win any medals and finally in the year 1987 where the host of the EuroBasket is Greece, the Greece natonal basketball team won their first ever gold medal in the basketball tournament.

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In the next year, 1989, the team advanced to the basketball tournament finals, however they lost in the championships making them the silver medalists. In the year 2005, one of the Greece national basketball team achievements which was memorable was the second gold medal of the team, where they had six wins and one loss. Their last participation in the EuroBasket was in the year 2009 where they won their second bronze medal award with six wins and three losses.

Mediterranean Games

Aside from the Olympics, the FIBA World Championships and the EuroBasket, the Greece National Basketball Team also participated in the Medterranean Games. They joined the said league in 1959, where they ended up in the 4th place. The team had a total of eight medals, so far, in the Mediterranean Games. The eight medals consist of one gold medal, four silver medals, and three bronze medals.

They won the gold medal in the 1979 Mediterranean Games that was held in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, where they made their best record five wins to zero losses. The siver medals were obtained form the Mediterranean Games in the year 1991, where Greece was the host, in 2001 that was held in Tunisia, in 2005 that was held in Spain, and lastly in the year 2009 that was held in Italy. The team had a total of 47 wins and 29 losses in the Mediterranean Games.


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