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Gilbert Arenas Bio

Gilbert Jay arena, Jr. is a profession anal player of basketball who plays in National Basketball Association.

He was born on January 6, 1982 in a city of state Florida called as Tampa located in United States. Gilbert is a very famous basketball player of America in NBA. He is playing in NAB since 2001.

He is a professional player of Guard position with a height of six feet and four inches and weight of about 98 kilo grams. Gilbert has won some awards and distinctions in his professional career. He is declared as NBA-All Star three times. Gilbert was a good player of basketball since his very early age.

He was very interested in playing and watching basketball players in his childhood and was very fond of basketball. Gilbert was a student of Grant high School located in California State. During his School days Gilbert was very much involved in sports activities and was not a good student in his class. During his school career he was a good sports man instead of a good student.


Gilbert started to play for his school’s basketball team. He was selected in basketball because he was born to play basketball. His height and body was perfectly fit for basketball so he was selected in team. Gilbert played his best basketball in his school.

After his school career Gilbert was selected in his college’s basketball team when he joined college after the completion of studies in his school.

He was a student of University of Arizona. He was considered as main player of his university’s basketball team. He played many games for his university

Gilbert’s professional career was started when he was selected by Golden State Warriors in 2001 NBA draft. During his professional career he has played with just three NBA teams. Currently he is playing with Orlando Magic since 2011.


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