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Gary Alcorn Bio

Gary R. Alcon was a retired American Basketball player of United States. He was born on October 8, 1936.

He was born in Fresno located in California in United States. He was player of about six feet and nine inches, and had a weight of about 225 lbs or 102 kilo grams. He was player of centre position.

He was a brilliant player of basketball since his childhood. During his studies in school he was very fond of basketball watching and playing. He was very passionate about basketball. His passion and interest gave him opportunity to play for his school as a basketball player.

He played for his school’s basketball team and then he became a very important player for his school basketball team because he was very hard working and passionate player. And his passion and experience was fully utilized in there while playing for his school’s basketball team.

His experience and his passion about basketball were fully utilized when he played for his college’s basketball team. After completing education from his school he was admitted in a University for further education and for further improvement in his basketball, because university is the only place where all students get real chance to become what they want.

Gary want to be a basketball player so he worked hard to be selected in his University’s Basketball team. He got a chance to play for his university and he availed that chance best by performing very well for his basketball team.

In the start he became a main player of basketball for his team and made his team to win many matches by his performance. He started his professional career in 1959. He was selected by Detroit Pistons for 3rd round of the 1959 NBA draft. He had a short professional career of about two years. He died on November 29, 2006 when he was 70 years old.


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