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France Achievements

The French National Basketball team is the national team that represents France in international competitions.

The French National Basketball team is administered by the Federation Francaise de Basket-Ball or French Basketball Federation in English.

France in the field of basketball has undergone series of victories as well as loses. They had been actively participating in various events such as FIBA World Championships, Olympic game and European Championships.

France up to now remains an underdog in basketball but despite of that label they still continue to strive hard for them to be able to show to the world that they too can become a “big name” as well as a threat in the field of basketball.

In terms of France achievements they are quite poor due to being eliminated in the preliminary round and being disqualified in a lot of season, but in terms of the teamwork, hard work and determination they do just for them to become a good competitor in the future they surely are rich like other countries which are considered a big threat in every basketball game.

They even created clubs which are training the youth to become a well trained basketball players.

Some of France Achievements in the Olympic games are:

1948- 2nd place (Silver medal)

1952- 8th place

1956- 4th place

1960- 10th place

1984- 11th place

2000- 2nd place (Silver medal)


The French national basketball team had a total number of seven appearances in the Summer Olympics. As you can see in their Olympic achievements France had their ups and downs they was able to compete 3 times in the final round and even placed 2nd twice. Unfortunately most of the time the team did not qualify in the game.

Some of France Achievements in the FIBA Championship:

1950- 6th place

1954- 4th place

1963-5th place

2006- 5th place

2010- 13th place


The team had only five appearances in the FIBA World championships, and during these appearances they did not win any medal in the said international tournament. Just like what happened in the Summer Olympics, the French national basketball team did not qualify to most of the FIBA World Championships that is why they had only five appearances in the FIBA World championships.

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French National Basketball Team EuroBasket Record


1935 – 5th place

1937 – 3rd place

1939 – 4th place

1947 – 5th place

1949 – 2nd place

1951 – 3rd place

1953 – 3rd place

1955 – 9th place

1957 – 8th place

1959 – 3rd place

1961 – 4th place

1963 – 13th place

1965 – 9th place

1967 – 11th place

1971 – 10th place

1973 – 10th place

1977 – 11th place

1979 – 8th place

1981 – 8th place

1983 – 5th place

1985 – 6th place

1987 – 9th place

1989 – 6th place

1991 – 4th place

1993 – 7th place

1995 – 8th place

1997 – 10th place

1999 – 4th place

2001 – 6th place

2003 – 4th place

2005 – 3rd place

2007 – 8th place

2009 – 5th place

The French National Basketball Team had a total of 33 appearances in the European Championships. Among the 33 appearances in the said league, the French team won one silver medal in 1949 and five bronze medals in the years 1937, 1951, 1953, 1959 and 2005.


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