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Forest Edward Frosty Able Bio

A legend in the history of basketball was born on July 27, 1932. His name was Forest Edward “Frosty” Able. He was also called as Forest Able.

He was a very famous basketball player of united stated. He was almost 6 feet and 3 inches tall, so he had a vey good height for basketball playing. And weight round about 180 lbs or 82 kilo grams. Forest able was a great player of basketball and due to his hard work and abilities he is still alive in the memories of peoples and especially in the histories of National basket ball association.

National basket ball association is also called shortly as NBA. Forest Able was a good player of basketball till his very young age and was very interested in watching and playing basketball. Due to his extreme interest and passion he played basketball for his school and won many matches for his school. He started his educational and basketball career from his school by playing basketball for his school.

When he joined university he was a good and well known basketball player according to his age. He also continued his interest in basketball and played basketball for the team of university.

He performed outstanding in the all sports events in the university and made his good reputation as a good basketball player. He was able to earn such reputation and respect due to his hardworking thinking and passion.

He was a senior player of university team and was a very important player for his team. He earned all these positions by his luck and hard working he deserved those positions because he was able to perform like a hero by wining many matches. He made many points over there afterwards he was selected for 1956 NBA draft by Syracuse Nationals.

He is now working as a teacher at Plainview Old Bethpage High School.


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