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Female Basketball in Jamaica

Female Baketball in Jamaica is now given much attention since it is doing really great in national or international basketball.

The United States is giving scholarships to some players for tertiary institutions. Some were also given a chance to play in the semi and professional league in the United States and in Europe.

The Female Basketball League started with four teams and currently with the total of eight teams. The female teams now in the island are the Lady Panthers, Brave Smilers, Metro Bells, Rae Town, Lady Angels and the Waulgrovian Bullets.

Female Basketball will not be known internationally without its players itself; these Female players were given great offers, scholarships and opportunities.

One of the most successful Jamaican Female player is Simone Edwards. She played in Europe and with the WNBA Seattle Storms in the United States. With her great talent and right knowledge about the game, she became the assistant coach at George Mason.

She played her collegiate ball at the Seminole Junior College in 1993 to 1995 an in lowa in 1995 to 1997. Edwards became the Most Valuable Player of the Bi-state West Conference and the NCJAA Region II. As a senior in lowa, she led the Hawkeyes in .557 goal percentage and avereged 7.1 ppg.

Edwards was also sent to oversease competition in Israel in the year 1998-2003, Italy in 2004 to 2005 and in Hungary in 2007. She played for the Maccabi Ramat-Hen and led the scoring in the Israeli League.

Simone Edwards graduated in the University of Lowa and received a degree in sociology in 1997. She also created a charitable institution called the Simone4Children which are helping the children of Seattle and Jamaica.

Danielle Moseley is also a player of the Jamaican National Team. She plays as a center with the height of 6’3” in the hardcourt. Danielle was known for her dedication and her passion of the game and becamo one of the most recruited underclass man out of New Jersey.

In Montclair High School she is the Most Improved Player in 1998-1999, became the Team captain in 1999-2000 and became the second team of all Leagues in 1999-2000.

In Stony Brook University Long Island, NY she became the Team Captain, Secretary for the Student Athletic Committee, top 10 in conference ofRebounding and Blocks in 2004-2005 and became an honorable mention on All-Academic team.

Another player is Rashida Aikens who became a member of the Jamaican National Women’s team since 2006. She plays Small Forward with the height of 5’10”.

Rashida is known for her speed, strength and aggressiveness in going to the basket.she has the ability to shoot in a 3-point line and has an above aveage in ball handing. She is also a great rebounder for her size.

She was awarded in her sophomore, junior and senior year as the Most Valuable Player honors at Nyack in 1997-1999. She was also introduced into the Nyack College Hall of Fame in 2004.

The women’s basketball is lacking funds since the administration is not giving enough to support the program, but the team is making its own ways in order for them to continue to join every competition to gain recognition and appreciation for their own country and to be well known international.


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