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Famous Basketball Players In Albania

Albania is not that interested in the field of sports and basketball is one of the lucky sports which had caught the heart of the citizens in Albania.

They are fond of playing basketball and had created numerous clubs and organizations that have helped them enhance their skills. A large percentage of the youth aspires to become an international basketball player someday and as of now basketball is becoming more widespread in their country because of numerous notable players in Albania that had given honor to their country.Here are some of the Notable Players in Albania:

Ermal Kuqo is an Albanian-Turkish basketball player that is now becoming popular in Albania as well as in other countries. Kuqo is currently playing for the Albania national basketball team after playing for almost 6 years for the Turkish national basketball team. His skills was enhance thru time, at the early age he had started to play basketball for his school and at an early age of 15 he had began his professional career.

During his senior year he joined the team Bobby Knight in the NCAA however he got disqualified and because of that he decided to go to Europe to pursue his dream.

He is considered one of the notable Players in Albania because his skills in basketball and because of his perseverance to bring back his credibility.

One of the darkest parts of his basketball career was during the 2005 Eurobasket League wherein he did not pass the doping test. He was accused of using a drug that could enhance his performance in playing basketball and was suspended for 6 months.

This controversy just ended when it was proven that he had used a medicine that was prescribed by his doctor in order to prevent hair loss and after 6 months he was again allowed to play basketball for Efes Pilsen. Although it was proven that it was a medicine used to avoid baldness plenty still doubt his capability as an athlete and this is where the true problem begun.

This incident did not discourage Kuqo instead it challenged him to become a much better basketball player. He strived harder and had showed to the world that he is a good at playing basketball with or without an enhancing-performance drug. As of now he continues to bring honor to his country not just because of his ability in basketball but because of his character—“A man that has experienced failure and used it to become more successful.”

Blerim Mazregu is considered one of the notable players in Albania because he is a good power forward. He is also known for his good offensive play and his attitude inside the court.

Mazregu is known for his charm too, having a height of 6’7’’ he had already won the attention of the the crowd and because of his attitude in the game many had appreciated him more. Mazregu as of now continues to show his skills to everyone and is now considered to be one of the most popular Albanian basketball players.


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