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Ernie Drew Barrett Bio

Ernie is one of the classic American basketball players who played some blistering basketball game in the times when it was not that easy to play by putting consistent performances in the court due to lack of facilities.

He was born on 27th of august 1929. The things were not that easy to do but this man did it in fine fashion through his dedicated performance.

He started showing his intent to rise as professional right from his childhood when he was used to push it on. He was an arch rival for his opponents but an amiable fellow for his inmates. He showed an intent and passion to rise as professional as he was used to play with professional approach from his childhood.

He played like a professional in all of his career levels whether it was his childhood career or the professional one. He started showing his talent from his childhood where he put some fabulous and formidable shows in the court of basketball.

Ernie was one of the classy players of his time without any exaggeration. He played better basketball from his child hood and continued that toward his professional career. He played at his best at school where he put some formidable and terrific shows.

Those were never been formidable for the spectators but for his opponents. He later started things at Kansas state university and played a fabulous collegiate career there. He played a total of 131 career games where he scored a total of 641 points.

He represented Boston very well and did remarkably well y playing at an average of 4.9 points per game while his average assists per game remained at 1.7 per game with 2.60 rebounds per game. He was undoubtedly a remarkable classic player that will be remembered fro many years to come.


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