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Erick Barkley Bio

A former American basketball player with some remarkable performance under his belt.

He was born on 21st of February in queens New York. He was one of the great professional s in the history of basketball. He played splendid shout out from his high school career at Christ the king regional high school and at the maine central institute.

He was one of the remarkable junior players of his era as he was used to play like a professional from Christ the king regional high school. He never lost his cool and developed such a formidable temperament from his high school career. He was no doubt having some unique characteristics to grow as a historian basketball player.

He did his best in his school career and earned great fame and name during his school career.

Erick played blistering games at his school career and was well known fro his swiftness in the court of basketball. He continued his sparkling performance unto his collegiate career and he was well known for his moves in the St. John’s University. He played marvelous games during his collegiate career and amused his fans and amazed the spectators.

He was picked by the blazers in 2003 and this was the start of his professional career. He was later traded to Chicago bulls by spurs but he was waived very much at the same day of transaction. Erick played for Portland in 2000-01 at a scoring average of 2.4 points per game in all eight games that he played but he almost doubled his number of games by playing 19 games during the second season with Portland

His average also rises up to 3.1 points per game in 12 minutes per game. He played a total of 27 games where he scored 77 points at a scoring rate of 2.9 points per game with 0.8 rebounds per game and 1.5 APG.


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