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Eric Anderson Bio

Eric Anderson was a former player of basketball in United States. His full name is Eric Walfred Anderson.

Eric was born on May 26, 1970 in Chicago located in the state of Illinois in United States. Eric was a star of basketball during his professional career as well as college career. During his educational career Eric was a good and well named basketball player.

Like many other professional players Eric also started his basketball career in a high school. He was also a very famous player of basketball during his school education. He was known as most popular and best basketball player during his career. He played for his school’s basketball team.

He played a great basketball during his school days and performed very great due to his born abilities. He was known as main player for his school basketball team. He played an outstanding career in his school.

After his school career Eric joined Indiana State University for further and advance education in his education career. But this college is famous for its sports teachings.

Eric has all the abilities to be selected I Indiana’s men’s Basketball team. Eric played for his college and performed excellent during his educational career he performed very great due to his talent and enough practice in his field. He was a star of basketball during his college and he was known as one of the best player in his university.

After his college career a tall man of about seven inches was selected by New York Knicks in 1992-93 NBA seasons, where he played 16 games. After the start of his professional career he has played for some other teams in NBA and he has also played for teams other than NBA. Mainly he has played in Turkey and Italy. His professional career was ended in 1998.


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