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Edward John Bartels Bio

A former American basketball player who played basketball in classic times… he was born on 8th of October 1925.

He played basketball in real classic period where the facilities were not as fine as they used to be in now days. The courts were quite hard and tough and the players were used to put lot of effort to bring perfection in to their game.

He struggled a lot to find a place among toppers, his selection among the professionals was itself an achievement in that era. Edward born in the era when there were not so many facilities for keeping yourself fit and up to the mark for game play. The players of any field were to apply all natural techniques to stay fit and up to the requirements.

The circumstances were not as conducive as they are today. But this man starts making his mark when he was just a child.

Edward played some remarkable games right from his childhood as he was used to play with his cousins and other family members to perfect his game play. Edward played marvelous games during his school as well as college career. He played marvelous games during all of his stints at school as well as college career at North Carolina State.

Edward’s professional career was also equally rewarding as he played some marvelous games during his professional career. His entry in professional was itself an achievement but that can be remarked with his smart performances in the court prior to his entry in to professional world.

He played nice professional career while starting with Denver in 1949 at a nice average of 4.2 points per game. he played a total of 32 games from 1949 to 1951 where he scored more than 135 points at nice average of 4.2 points per game.



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