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Eddie Basden Bio

A former American basketball player who played better basketball and mark the history with his performances in the court of basketball.

He was born on 15th of February 1983 and grow up to become a star in the world of basketball. He struggled hard and played under lot of commitment and enthusiasm during his entire career. He was an icon in is times and he started playing like professionals from his childhood.

He was well groomed and polished for basketball from his family though but it was always this man under the ball whenever it hits the inside of the basket.

He played marvelous basketball right from his teenage and he learnt to make nice moves even when it was hard for him to reach the basket successfully. He reached the basket later but the skills he learnt in his life make him reach lot easier later.

Eddie was an amiable person for his fellows and team mates but was used to give tough times to his rivals. He was often used to make things tough to his rivals by putting some blistering performances.

Eddie played splendid basketball at his school level and learnt the art of throwing as well. He carried is form to his college career at Charlotte where he played his best basketball career. He carried on with the commitment to become professional and he did it by making his place among the Chicago men during 2005.

Eddie started his career in 2005 when he was first picked by Chicago. His professional career was not so long that it can be cherished so much but the thing is it was earned by him. He played 19 games in total where he scored 39 points at an average of 2.1 points per game. He finished things off with Chicago toward the 2006.



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