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Earl Barron Bio

He is one of the former amercing basketball players who born on 14th of august 1981. he was used to play like a cruising machine from the center forward position and was used to give tough times to his rivals.

He is one of the most recent players of the basketball history who played some awesome games in his career at nice point average and rebound rate. He was undoubtedly a star of the basketball world that will always be remembered for his high level performances.

He generally belongs to a family that loves basketball very much and this was one of the reasons why he was so beautifully groomed to grow as a professional of the court of basketball. His cousin was used to play at university level and he was also a motivation factor for him.

But he marks his mother as the entity that makes a difference in his personality. He was well supported and motivated by his mother through out his career and that probably one of the reasons why it happened so sophisticatedly from him.

Earl was one of the leading students in the court during his school career as he amazed many of his spectators by putting some blistering and confident performances during his school career. He was marked as speedster fro his team as he was used to move with some real force and passion.

He joined Memphis team during his collegiate career and this session of his game was also equally rewarding for him. He played some remarkable games during his college career and make his team lead on many occasions.

He played continuously for four years at the University of Memphis at a healthy average of 7.8 points per game. He played many blistering games and touched high marks during his university career. 2002-03 saw him becoming the first tiger to score most in free throw competition where he scored more than any other player on the court. His NBA career was also rewarding one where he played at nice averages during his different stints.



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