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Drew Barry Bio

A former American basketball player who played an awesome career… he was born on 17th of February 1973 with some inborn skills and natural techniques and talent to grow as a professional basket ball player.

He was one of the best ones of his times and his struggle toward professional career is no doubt an exemplary one. He made lot of marks in his teenage and become young star in his teenage, he was one of the spearheads among his inmates. He proved his class and elegance by playing marvelous games at every level of his career.

He will always be remembered as a professional in the history of American basket ball. He was a hallmark an entity as for as the basketball world is considered. He played basketball in fine fashion whether it was his school or collegiate career. He started his college career at Georgia tech and played some splendid games during his stint at Georgia. He represented his college team by putting some splendid shows.

He played some real fantastic shows during his stint at Georgia. He played in such a fine fashion that his spectator becomes his fans after having short glimpses of his spectacular game.

He was often used to lead his team from the front by putting some marvelous shows in the court of basketball and this make him earn great honor during his collegiate career.

He did marvelously well at his college career and go on toward his professional career with flux driven from his collegiate performances. He joined hands with Atlanta in 1997 and here starts his professional career.

He took off with 2 plus points per game. He later joined Seattle and golden state but finished his career with Atlanta in 2000. He played a total of 60 career games in which his score remained 134 points.



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