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Donald L. Adams Bio

Adams, Donald L. (DON) was a former basketball player of Georgia. He was born on November 27, 1947 in Atlanta in Georgia.

He was a well known basketball player of his age and very famous player during his career. DON was six feet and six inches tall and had a weight of 210 lbs or 95 kilo grams.

He was a very good player of basketball he spent his career while playing for many teams. Like many other basketball players he also started his career with his school.

Because school is the only place for children to decide what to do and how to do, so many student got a chance to fulfill their dreams at their school and school environment polish natural talent of a child by giving him enough education and basic training by teaching him basic rules of life.

He was a good player of basketball during his early age because he was vey fond of basketball and was a good player of basketball since his childhood. He also was very good in his school; he was good enough to be selected in the basketball team of his school. He played many matches for his school by wining most of them.

Northwestern University was his next place to get more education and start his career as a basketball after the completion of his school education.

University provides a student to be professional in any field of the student’s choice so some students avail this chance and become some great players or other popular personalities. He played at the university for the basketball team of the university and was able to made his name as a good basketball player in th university.

He was then selected by the San Diego Rockets in the 8th round of the 1970 NBA draft. And after that he enjoyed his professional career.



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