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Don Asmonga Bio

Donald A.”Don” Asmonga was a professional American basketball player.

He was born on February 15, 1928. He played his professional basketball in NBA. His professional career was very short. He played just one session in NBA and than his career was ended. His career was started in 1953 and was ended in 1954. He just played seven games in his professional career.

Don was not a very famous player of basketball in his career because he was not an impressive player in his professional field. On the other hand He was a star of basketball in his college life. His college life was very good. Like many other professional players in the world Asmonga also started his educational career in a high school.

He was a student of Homestead located in Pennsylvania. In the start of his school career Don was interested in watching and playing basketball but he was not a good player of basketball. He was a good sportsman and was a good student also. Don got a chance in his school to improve his basketball by playing with basketball team of his school.

Don played with his school and was worked hard to improve his basketball. Don became a main player of his school’s basketball team due to his consistent performance in his school’s team. He was brilliant performer.

His performance in his schools team opened his way to play for his college’s basketball team. He was a student of Alliance College. His performance in his school was very impressive. Don was a very shining student of his class and was a shining player of basketball in his college.

During his college life he played many matches for his college’s basketball team and won many games for his college. His professional career was started n 1953 when he was selected by Baltimore Bullets in 1953 session of NBA.



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