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Don Anielak Bio

Don Anielak was born on November 1, 1930. His full name is Donald Robert (Don) “Moose” Anielak.

Don was a professional basketball player of America. Don was a not a very famous player during his professional career but he was a very good and famous player during his college career. Don started his educational career in a school. During his studies in school Don was called as best player of basketball in the school.

He played for his school’s basketball team. His performance was brilliant in almost all matches he played for his school’s basketball team. During his school career he became a major player of his team due to his performance and hard work.

He was a very hard working player, his passion in basketball opened many doors of opportunities for him. Don availed all opportunities and made his team to win many of the games he played.

Don started his college career after his school studies. Don was admitted in Missouri State University for his college education. As he was a good player of basketball so he got a chance to play for college’s basketball team. Don played as good as he could for his college. His performance in almost all matches he played in his college was brilliant.

He became a star of basketball in his college during his college career. His performance was good enough to make him most popular player of his college.

Don was known as very important player of basketball for his college’s basketball team. He also won some awards during his college career.

His performance in college career gave him a chance to play in NBA. Don played as a professional player for NBA. He was drafted by New York Knicks in 1954 NBA draft. His professional player was very short and he played only one session in NBA and retired in 1955.



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