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Don Angelo Barksdale Bio

A classic and classy American basketball player who was born on 31st of March 1923.

He is one of the best players of times as he played some blistering knocks during his career. He was born in the age of tough and rough status where there were no such fantastic work outs and coaching facilities but even then he continued to grow and became a star in the history of basketball game.

He was no doubt a man of history who will always be remembered for his high value services to the game of basketball in America. Don was a real don and master of his game right from his childhood.

He was used to play with his family members in childhood and grow real spirit for this game from there. He later showed some splendid shows in the court even when he was just a teenager at his high school. He amazed every body with his high value performance during his high school career at Barkley high school at California. He also played marvelous basketball at his career at UCLA.

He was used to play in the center forward and he was well fit for that place because of his thrilling and thrusting intent. He always made his team go ahead by putting some best performances in the court, don always came to party as and when he was needed by his team.

He played some splendid knocks during his career at UCLA. It was his classic performance that makes him earn a place in the American team. He was the first African American with the United States Olympic team in 1948. It happened just because of his talent and thrill in the court.

It has not finished here, don proved his selection right by winning the gold medal in the summer Olympics. He started his career at high note after joining Baltimore and ending with Houston. His career average remained at 11 PPG with 8 RPG and 2.1 APG.



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