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Dick Barnet Bio

A classic American player who played a sparkling career and made history in the word of basketball.

He was born on 2nd of October in 1936. He was one of the strongest campaigners of his times. He was always used to give tough times to his rivals but was a piece of relief for his team fellows.

He played some blistering games in his school as well as collegiate career. He started showing his skills from his childhood when he was used to rush through to shoot the ball into the basket. But his skills got polished with the passage of time as he focused more on his game toward the start of his collegiate career.

He was one of the stars at Tennessee state university. He played a splendid career there and led his team toward victories in many critical situations. His average never declined down in any of his career whether it was school, collegiate or professional, it just sails along so smoothly at nice levels.

Dick played 11 playoff games where he showed is class and elegance by putting some fabulous shows with the balls in the court. He amazed his spectators with nice show of basketball game.

His excellence make him get selected among the all star as he hold the honor of having one all star appearance. Dick started his career by playing with Syracuse where his starting scoring rate was 12 plus points per game but it rose up very next year to 16.9 points per game.

This was his class and elegant show in the court. He joined Los Angeles in 1962 and carried on with them until New York knicks picked him in 1965. His NBA career started in 1968 when he was drafted by New York Knicks in 1968-69 seasons. His career ended at a nice average of 15.8 PPG with 2.9 RPG.



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