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Derrick Alston Bio

Derrick Samuel Alston was born on August 20, 1972 in The Bronx located in New York City. Alston is a professional basketball player of America.

He was a player of forward position and sometimes he can also play at centre position. He was a tall man of about seven feet height and one hundred kilo grams weight. He got a perfect environment to play basketball during his school days when he was in Hoboken High School in New Jersey. He learned how to play basketball in his school.

He was a talented and thorough boy in his college who was not only good in his basketball but also was good in his studies. He has a very good habit to work on its right time, no delay no trouble.

During his school days this was is his very good habit and this makes him different from many other students in his school. Due to his perfection and reliability he was very popular in his school and his reputation made him to play for the basketball team of his college. He got Admission College after his school studies.

He was a well known and perfect player during his college career. He got some extraordinary abilities naturally. His abilities and hard work made him to do things much better then other basketball players of his age. He got his college up to state level and made good reputation of his college by his hard work and passion.

He started professional career in 1994 when he was selected by Philadelphia 76ers in1994 NBA draft. He also played some games for Atlanta Hawks before he started his professional career in the countries. He has played for some other leagues then NBA in Some countries. He is also a Club Player and plays for different basketball clubs.



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