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Derek Anderson Bio

Derek Lamont Anderson was born in Louisville located in Kentucky in United States. He was born on July 18, 1974.

Derek was professional player of basketball. He played professional basketball for NBA from 1997 to 2008. Derek was a player of basketball with a height of six and half feet and weight of about 220 pounds or 100 kilo grams. Doss started his school career with Doss High School. He was a very famous basketball player in his school.

He was very good and famous player because he was interested in basketball since his childhood. He played his best basketball in his school and became a star of basketball in his school due to his performance and hard work in his team. He played many matches for his school’s basketball team and most of the games he played his team won.


He was known as best player in his team. He finished his study in his school and was migrated in university for further education and for further and better training his sports field. Derek was a known as very good student in his school and very good player also.

So he was selected in college’s basketball team due to his fame and reputation brought from his school. He played for his college’s basketball team and performed very well because he was a very hard working player. He was a student of University of Kentucky and was known as best and smart player in his age.


He won NCAA men’s Basketball Championship for his university. And he helped his university’s team to win this title. Derek started his professional career in 19907 when he was selected by Cleveland Cavaliers in first round, 13th overall pick of 1997 NBA draft. He played for many NBA teams. He was retired in 2008 when he was playing for Charlotte Bobcats.



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