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Dennis Rodman Bio

The Worm was a professional wrestler, someone who dressed and acted a bit differently compared to most NBA players and he was also someone who won multiple NBA titles with multiple NBA teams. He could also rebound a bit too.

During his NBA career, Rodman was the Defensive Player of the Year in 1989-90 and 1990-91. He played in two All-Star games. Rodman led the lead in rebounding per game seven times. He shot 59.5% from the field in 1988-89 to lead the NBA.

He was a regular name on the All-Defensive teams and also made the All-NBA third team on a couple of occasions. Rodman was someone with many awards and achievements in the NBA, and was also inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

Rodman joined the NBA when Detroit picked him in the second round, he was the 27th pick of the 1986 NBA draft. He would win two titles there as a member of their Bad Boys. He would often come off the bench for a double-double.


After the championship years, the Pistons lost players and Rodman took on a larger role. Getting around 40 minutes a game, Rodman was bringing in over 18 rebounds a game. He was playing great defense and also starting to act a bit too weird for the Pistons.

The Spurs thought Rodman could give them someone to play next to The Admiral, David Robinson their center, so they acquired Rodman.


The blockbuster deal was Rodman and Isaiah Morris, a 1994 second round draft pick and a 1996 first round draft pick to the San Antonio Spurs for Sean Elliott, David Wood and a 1996 first round draft pick. During his two years with the Spurs he would score little and rebound a lot.

For his first season with his new team he scored only 4.7 points a game but had 17.3 rebounds.

As the Spurs wanted some peace and quiet they moved out Rodman. The Bulls had a hole at power forward and were willing to risk him. It only cost Chicago Will Perdue to bring in Rodman. Rodman would play three seasons for three championships with Chicago.


He brought down around 15 or 16 rebounds a game and played annoying defense against Karl Malone, Frank Brickowski and all the other players that faced the Bulls in the playoffs. Chicago never knew what color his hair would be or what strange thing Rodman was doing on television, he spent time as a tag-team with wrestler Hulk Hogan, but he was always there to rebound and win games for the Bulls.

After the team in Chicago was dismantled, Rodman wanted another big stage and joined the Lakers. Rodman would still get rebounds, over 11 a game, but he wasn’t what the Lakers needed. It took a while for Rodman to find another NBA team. Eventually Dallas gave him a contract.

He started 12 games with Dallas and that was the end of his entertaining NBA career.

Before he got to the NBA, Dennis Rodman played basketball at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. He averaged 15.7 which isn’t a surprise. That he was able to score 25.7 points per game is something that would not be expected.



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