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Darrell Arthur Bio

Darrel Arthur is the man who born March 25, 1988 in Dallas, Tex by, his full name is Darrell Antwonne Arthur.

He belongs to a family that loved basket ball so much and it was always his Mother Sandra Arthur who made him touch the heights of fame and class. He was always surrounded by the basket ball playing family fellows who lead him toward the professional basketball.

He saw his cousins and other family members playing basketball with passion and that drove Darrell toward basketball. He could no resist himself from coming to the court for competitive performance.

He joined the basket ball court even he could not reach it easily and carried on shooting the ball to the basket until the world recognized his caliber. His hard work and passion paid him with the reward of professional playing and international fame.

A man with the 6-9inch / 2.06M Height and 235 lbs. / 106.6 kg Weight never let his rivals come up with his competitive performance. He always led his side with immense spirit and strength.

Darrell got selected in the 2008 NBA Draft and there he gained nearly 20 pounds of muscle before the start of the training camp. Here he played along his cousin Mavericks guard Quinton Ross toward the Grizzlies last season. Darrel and his cosine make a mark with their performance in that season and earn a lot of fame and name for themselves as well as the family they represent.

He is a great man besides being a great basket ball player. Darrell always seems to be ready for the well being of his society and fellow beings. Being part of the Grizzlies Darrell also taken the “Get Fit” initiative to promote health and well-being. It has not finished yet this man also hosted fitness assemblies at five different elementary schools in the Memphis area during the season 2008-09.

His deeds for the society are endless as he also hosted the opening of a Reading and Learning Center for Boys and Girls in a Club at the Downtown Porter in Memphis in Sept. 2008. This man’s favorite food is hot wing and the NBA player he likes the most is Tracy McGrady.

Darrell started to shine as a man with potential right from his College at Kansas where he set some awesome records by performing at his best. Darrell Was the first man at Kansas Jay hawk to don 00 since Greg Ostertag did it in 1992-95. This is what paved a way fro hi toward the professional career with more confidence and thrust to lead.

Darrell has the honor of wining the 2008 NCAA National Championship as a member of the Kansas Jay hawks while playing along current NBA players Mario Chalmers, Darnell Jackson and Brandon Rush.

This man holds the record of scoring 20 points and grabbed 10 rebounds during the 2008 NCAA National Championship Game VS Memphis. He also registered a double-double in his first career NBA game with 11 points and 15 rebounds at Houston on Oct. 29, 2008, while breaking Benoit Benjamin’s 13 year old record for most rebounds in a Grizzlies debut.



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