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Darrell Allums Bio

Darrell Allums Bio

Darrell Wilbert Jr. was born in famous city of United Sates called as Los Angles located in the state of California.

Darrell was a professional retired basketball player of United States. He was born on September 12, 1958. He played for NBA during his professional career in 1980-1981. Hew was a tall man of about six feet and nine inches, and he had weight of about 100 kilo grams or 220 lbs.

Like many other historical basketball players Allums also started his educational and playing career fron his school. He was a student of Lynwood High School. He was an average student of in his school life. He learned basketball in starting of his school career and then he became a player of his school’s basketball team. He had born abilities to play basketball like a professional player.


He played very well for his team and got many victories for his team and made his school more popular and famous. He was selected in his college’s basketball team when he joined college for advance studies in his subjects after his school studies. He was sleeted in college’s basketball team due to his abilities and fame he earned in his school. He also played very well in his college’s basketball team and earned many points for his college.


He also won most of the games he played for his college due to his abilities. He was a student of UCLA. His professional career was not very good as it was too short. His professional career was just of two years from 1980 to 1981. He started his professional career when he was selected by Dallas Mavericks in 5th round of 1980 NBA draft. He played for only one team during his career. His career was ended in 1981 when was still playing for Dallas Mavericks.



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