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Danny Ainge Bio

Danny Ainge was born on March 17, 1959. His full name was Daniel Ray “Danny” Ainge. He was born in Eugene, Oregon located in the United States.

He is a former basketball player and currently he is an American basketball manager.

He was a tall man of 6 feet and 5 inches. And has a weight of about 195 lbs 88 kilograms. He was a great basketball player since his childhood. Like many other basketball player.

In his very young age he was a very talented player of many sports. In start of his school career he played football for the school. But he found his interest in basketball then he started playing basketball for his school.

He performed very well in his school’s basketball team making his team win most of the matches he played.

He was a student of north Eugene high school. Ainge was talented player among his age students and was very famous among his school.

He was also a player of baseball during his studies in University. He was a student of Brigham Young University. Suring his studies in the university he made his name as a good player as baseman by performing in baseball matches for his college. His professional basketball career was of almost six years (1981-1995).

He was drafted in NBA in 1981 when he was selected by Boston Celtics in second round of 1981 NBA draft. After the selection in the NBA he was performed his best his can but in the start he was not good and perfect for this game, but after few months he proved that he is good for this game. He made himself a good basketball player by his hard work. He was also called as Hard-Nose player often infuriating opponents with his aggressive style and brash personality.

His career was end in 1995. He is currently doing a job as President of Basketball Operations for the Boston Celtics.



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