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Daniel Anderson Bio

Daniel Edward (Dan) Anderson was born on January 1, 1951 in a city of United States called Torrance located in California. Daniel is a retired American Basketball player.

He played professional basketball for NBA. Anderson was a professional player of Guard position. He played for many teams in NBA. His career was not too good; his career was very short just about two years.

Daniel was a tall man of above six feet height and weight near 185 pounds or 84 kilo grams. Many professional players of many sports has started their educational career from a school, Daniel also started his career from a high school.

He was a student of North Torrance High School located in United States. He had extreme interest in basketball when he was just a little student. His passion and interest in basketball was developed more stronger when joined school.

He saw boys playing basketball in the school and he started playing basketball in his school when he was in his first year in his school.

Daniel then selected in his school basketball team and played for his school. Daniel became very important player for his team due to his consistent performance and hard work in his team. He won many games for his school and made his good reputation. After his school education Daniel was admitted in a college for further education and for further improvements in his basketball.

During his study in is college he decided to join a basketball league for professional basketball. He played for his college’s basketball team during his study in college.

He was a student of USC University. Daniel started his professional career when he was selected in NBA. Daniel was selected in 2nd pick of 1974 NBA by Portland Trail Blazers. His career was ended in 1976.



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