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Dana Barros Bio

Dana Barros is one of the former American basketball players who born on 13th of April 1967.

He was born with some inborn skills to excel in the court of basketball. He showed his talent and class right from his childhood where he played marvelous basketball with his team fellows at nice points per game. He played blistering school as well as college career.

But the spark starts for this man from his school career where he scored at best rates and showed his skills by providing some better assists during games. He played with even more class excellence during his collegiate career when he was rewarded with nice honors in the court.


He was well appreciated and awarded during his collegiate career because of his excellent performances on different occasions. He played marvelous manner during his entire college career and that make him earn lot name and fame from among the men on court of basketball.

He played five playoff games as well at nice and healthy average scoring rate as well as rebounds per game.

Dana started his career at a high note during the 1989-90s where he scored at a nice average of 9.7 points per game while joining hands with Seattle.

He carried on with Seattle toward the 1993 until he joined Philadelphia in 1993. He played fro just two consecutive years and then departed and joined Boston later in 1995. Here started a long stint with Boston, Dana played with Boston fro four years at healthy average. He played as low as 6 points per game but as high as 20mpoints per game during his professional career.

He later joined Detroit in 2000 but finished his career with Boston after returning to Boston in 2003 again.

Dana started at 9 plus points per game and ended at 10.5 points per game but his career average remained at 10.5 points per game with 1.9 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game. Dana played a total of 850 career games where his scored 8,901 points in total.



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