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Curly Armstrong Bio

Paul Carlyle “Curly” Armstrong was a professional basketball player of Unites States.

He was born on November 1, 1918 in United States. He was a professional basketball player with a height of five feet and eleven inches and weight of 77 kilo grams. He was a very famous player of basketball during his career.

During his professional career Paul was a very popular player in America. He was famous because he was a perfect defender in his team. Mostly he played his games at Guard position but in some matches he also played forward position according to the instructions of the coach and captain.

His professional career was nor to long. His professional career was just about three years. Paul started his educational career in a high school. He was a shining student during his school career. He was interested in baseball since his very early age. Paul was also a player of sports as well.

He was interested in basketball since school life. He was a student with born abilities in sports especially in basketball. During his school career Paul played for his school’s basketball team. He was a main player of his basketball team.

When Curly completed his education in high school, he was admitted in Indiana University. He joined university to get himself more educated and more civilized as well as he joined university because he could get more chances to play basketball. He was selected in his university’s basketball team. He played in many games for his university.

His performance in many games with his university’s basketball team was outstanding. He became a star of basketball in his university due to his brilliant performance in almost all games he played for his team. He was a good Guard in his professional career. His professional career was started in 1948 and was ended in 1951.



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