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Courtney Alexander Bio

Courtney Jason Alexander was born on April 27, 1977. He is a former basketball player of America.

He was born in Bridgeport located in Connecticut in United States. He was a player of Guard position. He has a height of about six feet and five inches and weight round about 93 kilo grams.

Courtney was a good player in his childhood. He was a good player because he was very interested in basketball and very fond of watching and playing basketball since his childhood. Courtney was a student of Charles E. Jordan High school. He was really a good player since his early life. Due to his passion and likeness he was selected top play for his school’s basketball team.

He was not a good player in the start to play with a team, but after some days he practiced and worked hard to be compatible for his team and he was successful. He got a chance to play for his school’s basketball team so he availed that chance and performed brilliant in his first match and then due to his talent and abilities he became a good player of basketball.

He was a main and important player for his team. He gave his team many victories and worked his best to play his best. After his school education he was moved in a college for further education. Name of his college was Fresno State College. He also played his college basketball at University Of Virginia.

He was selected to play for university basketball team. He played for his university’s basketball team and made his team win in many matches he played. He was a player of Guard position in the team. He was selected for 2000 NBA draft by Orlando Magic. He has also played for some other teams of NBA.



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