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Cory Alexander Bio

Cory Alexander was a professional basketball player of United States. Cory was born in Waynesboro located in Virginia in United States.

He was a very famous basketball player united states. He played for many teams in National Basketball Association and also for some leagues other then NBA. Cory has a height of about six feet and one inch and a weight of about 185 lbs or 84 kilo grams.

Cory was also started his educational career from a school. Cory was a student of Oak Hill Academy located in Virginia. He was a good player since his very early age. He was interested in basketball and was very fond of playing and watching basketball. In his school Cory was selected for his school’s basketball team and after that he worked hard made him enough qualified to play for his school’s basketball team.

He won many matches against other schools at city level and after that at state level also. He was a very famous young basketball player in his very young age. He made many victories for his school. He was admitted in a college for further education after his school studies.

He was interested in basketball so he joined basketball group in his college and started playing basketball against other classes. Due to his outstanding performance and great interest in basketball he was selected for college’s basketball team.

He did his best and played his best when he was college’s basketball team.

After that he was selected for National Basketball Association to play as a professional basketball player. He was drafted by San Antonio Spurs in the 1at round of 1995 NBA draft. After his selection in NBA he made himself a great player. He played at the position of a Guard. He also played for some other teams of NBA and also for some teams other then NBA. He was resigned in 2005.



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