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Cole Aldrich Bio

Cole Aldrich was born on October 31 at Burnsville, MN and it looks like was born to outclass in the court of basketball.

He started playing basketball right from his childhood and got groomed into a professional player of basket ball. A man with height of 2plus meters was no doubt born to make records in the arena of basket and ball.

Cole Aldrich kept scoring at a sophisticated rate and shines more than before after every game he played. His recent statistics of 2010-11 are quite awesome and fantastic ones.

The little Cole started to shine as a professional right from the start of his high school career. Cole became McDonald’s All-American in 2006-07 where he scored 22.9 points with 17.6 rebounds and 3.8 block rate. He finished his McDonald’s All-American game at high note by scoring 6 points, 8 rebounds and 4 blocks while playing for the west.

It was no doubt his class and high level performances that make him earn the title of player of the year by St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Tell you what he had achieved that just following his senior campaign. It has not finished yet the man has the honor of declared as the defensive player of the year by associated press. Cole also holds the Jefferson single season records of scoring. There are numerous records under the belt of Cole Aldrich which are just not that easy to count don in ordinary way.

He was honored with the three times all state and all metro and four times all conference, Cole was also named as the Minnesota’s Player of the Year in his senior season. 2006-07 was also a good one for Cole; it was 2006-07 season when he was named as the ABCD all-star.

He also ended 2007 with honor and grace as he was taken in the top ten by hoop scoop in 2007. He scored better than the average at school as well as college levels. One can say that he started showing his class and caliber as a player right from his college levels where he scored at nice average. He started his college career at Kansas where he averaged at about 11 points.

Cole started his junior career at high mark where his average was 11.2 points and rebound rate was 9.8 in all fifteen double doubles. Cole earned 25th place among all national players and was declared 2nd among big 12 in rebounds per game, this achievement has also make him earn the title of defensive player of he year. Cole also hold the honor of standing 3rd team all American by associated press.

It was because of his excellence that Kansas won big-12 regular season by big margins. He also make Kansas win big 12 post season trophy by standing number one for fifteen weeks. His block rate and scoring was phenomenal with every game he played at Kansas.

The sophomore season for Cole Aldrich was also equally rewarding where he scored at splendid rate and recorded his first official triple-double in KU history while playing versus Dayton with 13 points and 20 rebounds.

Cole did it by blocking his career best 10 shots. It does not matter whether it was sophomore of fresh man season Cole was always used to rise to the occasion by putting best performances at the floor.



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