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Coaches of Portuguese Basketball League

Behind every good player is a good teacher. Basketball coaches help basketball player learn different rules and “must-know” things during the game.

Other coaches may not only help with the physical and mental training of a basketball player, yet, they also serve as the second fathers of the players. Below are two great coaches that coached teams of Portugal.

1. Carlos Lisboa

Carlos Lisboa was born on Praia, Cape Verde on July 23, 1958. He was the offspring of a Portuguese father and a German mother. He spent his youth days in Mozambique and later on moved to Portugal on the year 1974. Before he was even started coaching the sport basketball, he was then a former basketball player of the country.

He plays as the guard and forward. During his teenage life, he started his basketball career in Sporting CP- his first ever team. He stayed in the Sporting CP since 1975-1976 and later on participated again on the year 1981-1982. During these dates, he won thrice as National Championship and twice in Cups Portugal.

After which, he became one of the players of the Queluz team and won in the National Championship, as well as with cups for two consecutive seasons. Lisboa participated in Benefica team during the year 1984-1985, 1995-1996 where he had the longer duration of stay. He retired when he was 38 years old after receiving ten times National Championship, five Cups League and Super Cup. Lisboa is also a proud basketball player who was involved in the Pre-Olympic Competitions wherein Portugal was chosen as fifth rank over the six countries during 1992.

After Lisboa’s retirement to Benefica, he started coaching basketball. He already coached the other Portugal’s team such as the Benefica- where he came from, Aveiro Basket and Estoril Praia.

2. Steve Wayne Rocha

Steve Wayne Rocha on the other hand is not a real Portugese. He is an American and was born during the year 1960 on California. Though he is a foreigner, he has also imparted his skills and knowledge about basketball to Portugal.

Rocha started his basketball career in Modesto High School and later on participated in Modesto Junior College for two years. After which, he has also been a part of the University of San Diego.

He moved to Portugal after that event, where he started his participation in Sangalbos FC Porto, and then moved to Ovanse team. After Ovanse, he was designated to Benefica where he grabbed the two titles for National Champion and 5 cups of Portugal. During the year 1988-1993 he earned 61 caps.

When he is done with his basketball player career, he decided to coach the Portuguese LCB and has been the team’s mentor for five years. Rocha has also been the assistant coach n CSU Stanisclaus. And as to this event, he is the coach of the Modesto Junior College for the third time.



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