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Clifford E Barker Bio

He is one of the classic players of America. He was born on 15 of January 1921. He struggled through his ages to become a professional of master class.

This man was having great passion for the game of basketball which can be seen in his struggle toward the professional career. He really struggled hard in the age when the courts were rough and tough. He never stopped his struggle and became a star in the end. This was what he struggled for and this was what he aimed through out his life.

He earned the label with his high class performance and work out in as well as out of the court. He was one of the super fit men of his age. He played like a star right from his school career. He blossomed to a professional later but before that there lies real work out. Barker worked really hard to find the place among the leaders and topers of basketball world. He shined at every level of his career.

Barker started his collegiate career at Kentucky University where he played some blistering games and lead his team to some awesome victories. His presence was always meant to make a difference and distinctions as he was often used to put high class performance that make his team achieve the intended results.

He was always a force to reckon in the court. He made two playoff appearances where his point’s average was remarkable. Barker was picked by Indiana polis in 1949 and here started his career. Barker did remarkably well during his career with Indiana polis.

He played with some fluctuating scoring but his overall performance was remarkable one as he was used to assist and guide his fellows where he could not score himself. He started his career with Indiana polis at 5.7 PPG and ended at 2.9 PPG but his career scoring was 3.7 point per game.



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