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Cliff Anderson Bio

Clifford V. (Cliff) Anderson was born on September 7, 1944. He is a retied player of basketball of America.

He was a professional player of guard and forward position he could play at both positions according to the requirements of the team. He was good player of basketball and was very interested in basketball since his childhood. He was a famous player of basketball in his school.

And he was a good street basketball player. In his school lie he played for his school’s basketball team and became a main basketball player of his team due to his performance and interest in basketball.

He made many victories for his school’s basketball team due to his consistent and best performance as a main player. He was very famous in his school life. His fame and reputation opened doors for him to play in the basketball team of his college. He joined college after his school education and than he was selected in his college’s basketball team.

He played his college basketball in Saint Joseph’s University. He was not a very tall basketball player he was a player of height about six feet and two inches. He performed very well during his college life.

He was a very popular player of basketball during his college life. In the start of his college career he was on top among his all college mates in basketball. He played basketball in the streets also; he was also famous player of street basketball.

Cliff started his professional basketball career in 1967 when he was selected in fourth round of 1967 NBA draft, he was signed by Los Angeles Lakers. During his professional career he has played for many other basketball teams in NBA. And he has also played in CBA. Cliff was retired in 1972 when he was playing in CBA.



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