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Chucky Atkins Bio

Kenneth Lavon “Chucky” Atkins was born on August 14, 1974 in a city of State Florida called Orlando in United States.

He is a professional player of basketball who has played professional basketball for many teams in NBA and all over the world. In his all professional career Atkins has played as a free agent in many teams in different organized leagues. Atkins is a professional player of point guard position.

His professional career was started in 1999 and still he is present in world of basketball. He is a player made for basketball. He was a good player of sports since his very early age. His school career was very good and je was known as a good student and good player of basketball in his school life.

He was a student of Evans High School. During his school life Atkins was considered an important player for his school’s basketball team.

He was also known as main player of his team. Atkins won many matches for his school and earned some good performance awards also. Atkins joined a college after the completion of his studies in his school.

He was graduated from high school and joined university of South Florida for advance education and to get further chances in his favorite sports field, basketball. Atkins was offered to play foe his college’s basketball team. Atkins accepted offer and played his best basketball in his college. He was a well known player of basketball in his college life.

Atkins has also played in CBA. He started his professional career when he was selected in CBA. Chucky is very famous player of baseball in modern world. During his professional career Chucky has played for many teams in NBA and in other leagues. His last NBA team was Oklahoma city Thunder. Currently he is playing in Croatia for Cibona Zagreb.



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