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Chuck Aleksinas Bio

Charles (Chuck) Aleksinas was born in Litchfield located in Connecticut, United States. He is a retired professional American basketball player.

He was born on 27 February 1959. He was a player of centre position in his team.

He was a tall man having height of about 2.13 meter and weight of about 260 lbs or 118 kilo grams. He was not a great player of basketball since his early age but he was a brilliant student. Chuck was admitted in Wamogo High school.

The school environment and other students raised his interest towards sports. He was fit and suitable for basketball so he made his interest in basketball. He got training and become a good basketball player for his school. He played or his school’s basketball team.

Due to his interest and fitness he was first option for the team managers of his school. Sports teacher made him more perfect for basketball and gave him important techniques to play basketball. He was selected for school’s basketball team and he played for his school.

He did his best in his team and made his team win many times he played. He was a hardworking and passionate player for his team.

After the completion of studies in his school he went into college for further education. His college was Connecticut College.

His fame as a good basketball player reached in his college and he was selected for college’s basketball team. He played very well for his school and did things very well.

He made his college’s team win many matches due to his performance and hard work. Then he got a chance to play in National Basketball Association. He was drafted by Chicago Bulls in round four of 1982 NBA draft. He has also played for NBA as well as for some other basketball leagues.



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